Tuesday, 26 March 2013

PHOTOS: Girl being raped and videoed.......as the search for the Rapist is still on.

Just about two days ago a video “which its content is that of a girl being raped’ went viral and yes the social media was agog with screen shots of the video. And this really got me worried, even as there’s a penalty for any rapist caught. It breaks my heart that at this age and stage some ‘nuisance’ clad in a man’s body still goes around perpetrating such barbaric acts. And while we are still waiting for this animal rapist to be caught, we pray that God heals the victim of her physical and psychological hurt. 

Below is the transcription of the video+Screen shots after the cut............


The video open with an obvious rape going on. The victim is writhing in pain and resisting her assailant (the suspect in the video) who over powers her and forces his way into her. After the unconscionable assault, the following conversations happen.

Victim: Ejoo (Please)
The Rapist: [Talking to his accomplices] – Ma a ya mi mo (Don’t take my pictures anymore)

Victim: Aye mi ti baje (My future is finished)… crying and screaming…
Accomplice 1: Saying something incoherent… (I am not taking the pictures)…

Victim: Continues screaming…
Accomplice 1: ‘Paddy’ mi catwalk (My friend is cat-walking)

Victim: Crying… Ejo eye ya mi (Please, stop taking my pictures)
Accomplice 1: Se mo ya e ni? (Am I taking your pictures?)

Victim: Crying and screaming… (My life is finished).

Accomplice 2: Kai kai (Stop, stop).

The Rapist: Why you dey…?

Accomplice 2: [Interrupts]…Did I say he should not record it?

Accomplice 1: I am not recording it nau (Swears).

Guys: Incoherent arguments…

Victim: Continues to cry, wearing her clothes…

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